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The days of the "outlaw motorcycle" stereotype have long passed. Motorcycles have become an increasingly common mode of transportation and recreation for people from all walks of life, from weekend recreation riders and fuel-conscious commuters to executives and high profile celebrities. Despite this growing popularity, the risk of serious injury and death is much greater for those who ride motorcycles in New Mexico. Motorcycles are much less stable than four-wheeled passenger vehicles and provide riders with a smaller margin of error. When an inattentive, alcohol impaired, or otherwise careless driver makes a mistake, a motorcyclist may be unable to safely respond to avoid a collision. Our Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers at Black Law Group recognize the special hazards facing motorcyclists, and diligently pursue the fullest recovery for our clients.

While motorcyclists face a higher probability of being involved in a collision because of a bike's handling limitations, the nature of the injuries suffered in an Albuquerque motorcycle accident are also more severe. Motorcycles offer none of the protections from injury provided by a passenger vehicle, such as a protective metal passenger enclosure, air bags, shoulder harnesses, or lap belts. Since vehicle ejections are a virtual certainty in a motorcycle crash, the lack of barriers between motorcycle riders and the hard pavement often causes catastrophic injuries and far too often fatalities.

Motorcycles are problematic because even when a rider does everything correctly, riding enthusiasts are still extremely vulnerable to the negligence of other drivers. At Black Law Group, our New Mexico motorcycle accident attorneys have over a 100 years of combined experience. Our law firm also has been recognized by SuperLawyers for nine consecutive years. We know that law enforcement accident reports often favor passenger car drivers because motorcyclists typically suffer severe injuries that interfere with providing their side of the story at the accident scene. Our lawyers look beyond the police report and work with motorcycle accident reconstruction experts, so we can use fresh eyes when analyzing the liability of the other driver.

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When a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle cross paths, the results can be tragic. There are many types of unsafe driving that may be the basis for a negligence claim by a New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyer, such as:

While these are only a few of the types of driving behaviors that may put motorcycle riders at risk of being involved in a Bernalillo County motorcycle accident, they provide a feel for the scope of the risk posed to riders by the negligence of other drivers.

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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Albuquerque, NM, you may suffer the type of permanent debilitating injuries that can impact your entire life and your ability to care for your family. Many motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries that require a lifetime of supportive care, as well as permanent impairment of cognitive functioning, mobility, and /or sensation. Some of the types of injuries that may be suffered in a serious New Mexico motorcycle accident include the following:

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These types of injuries do not heal overnight and can entail months if not years of treatment and supportive care. The cost associated with treating these types of injuries can reach into six figures, which is even more troubling when the motorcycle accident victim is the primary family breadwinner. Our knowledgeable and skilled motorcycle accident lawyers understand the importance of recovering the full measure of damages following a serious motorcycle crash.

When you are injured by a driver who fails to exercise proper care to avoid endangering motorcyclists, our New Mexico motorcycle injury lawyers are prepared to tenaciously advocate for you. Our law firm employs over a century of combined experience and cutting edge litigation technology to protect our clients' rights. Call us today at 855-220-5290 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our convenient Albuquerque location serves clients throughout Bernalillo County and the surrounding municipalities, counties, and smaller unincorporated areas.