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The compassionate and aggressive team of personal injury attorneys at Black Law Group have almost fifty years of collective experience helping families rebuild their lives after suffering injuries caused by accidents and intentional acts. Many people are overwhelmed by the hardships they face after suffering serious injuries when their time off work stretches into months or years, and their medical bills continue to mount. While our Texas and New Mexico personal injury lawyers cannot alleviate your physical pain or give you back a lost loved one, we can pursue a financial recovery to facilitate your rehabilitation and your ability to support your family.

Whether you are injured by a negligent motorist, a defective product, a toxic substance, or other negligent or intentional conduct of a third party, Black Law Group provides extensive litigation resources, cutting edge technology in the courtroom, innovative legal strategies, and tenacious advocacy. Our Texas and New Mexico personal injury lawyers offer effective legal representation to those who suffer injuries that span the spectrum from broken bones to catastrophic injuries to wrongful death. Our experienced personal injury lawyers provide each of our clients with tenacious representation, timely communication, and compassion as part of our continuing mission to maintain our reputation as the most dedicated personal injury law firm in Texas and New Mexico. We deal with the legal challenges so that you can focus on getting better and back to your daily life.

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Proving Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death Caused by Negligence

If you suffer injuries or a family member dies because of the careless conduct of another, this may give rise to a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit based on negligence. Negligence essentially refers to conduct that creates a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury to another. Negligent conduct is the most common basis of personal injury claims. Insurance companies frequently dispute that their insured's unsafe conduct was the cause of a victim's injuries or attempt to minimize the severity of a victim's injuries. Our experienced personal injury attorneys frequently use medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, engineers, economists, forensic accountants, and others with specialized knowledge to develop a compelling case and favorable outcome.

Our personal injury lawyers have successfully represented clients in a broad range of personal injury cases, including those that result in serious or even catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation of limbs, internal organ damage, and broken bones or fractures. Some of the personal injury claims that our serous accident attorneys handle include:

Motor Vehicle Collision Injury Lawyers in New Mexico (e.g. Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Trucking Accidents)

A wide range of parties may share some portion of responsibility for serious collisions involving motor vehicles. Responsible parties may include:

It is important to identify all potentially responsible parties because sometimes the most obvious defendant may be uninsured or lack sufficient insurance to fully compensate you for your injuries. Our personal injury law firm undertakes extensive investigations, so we are able to identify all appropriate parties liable for our client's injuries.

Product Liability Claims: Defective Medical Products, Dangerous Drugs, Asbestos Exposure (Mesothelioma)

Product liability law is designed to compensate consumers for products that cause injury to the public. A product liability lawsuit can be based on negligence by the company that designs, manufactures, and/or markets a product. However, strict liability or breach of warranty also can provide a basis for imposing liability. We represent consumers who suffer harm caused by dangerous drugs or defective medical products when patients and their doctors are not adequately warned of adverse effects, or the medical devices or drugs are unlawfully marketed for off-label uses (i.e. uses not approved by the FDA).

Our law firm also represents those afflicted with mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos. This fatal form of cancer is exclusively caused by this toxic carcinogen. Many people who worked in the construction trades, shipyards, mining, automobile repair/manufacturing, power plants/refineries, and other industries that worked with asbestos develop mesothelioma. Because the physical signs of this condition do not become apparent for many years, legal claims require an experienced personal injury attorney with resources and experience identifying viable defendants and proving exposure. We have successfully overcome these hurdles to help surviving family members obtain financial compensation for the wrongful death of a primary family breadwinner.

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On behalf of our clients, we have recovered millions of dollars in compensation.

New Mexico Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

Although elderly loved ones might require round-the-clock supervision and care, many people worry about the quality of care in a nursing home. Because many nursing homes attempt to understaff their facility to increase profits, patients can have critical aspects of their care neglected, such as hydration, nutrition, and hygiene. Further, overworked or improperly screened caregivers might engage in physical, mental, sexual, or financial abuse of residents. Our experienced New Mexico nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers recognize that elderly patients with Alzheimer's disease or dementia often have difficulty understanding or communicating about their mistreatment. We work diligently to seek compensation for victims while understanding the importance of reviewing safety records, inspection reports, employee files, facility practices, treatment plans, and other documents to establish abuse or neglect of residents.

Albuquerque Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When you entrust a medical professional, such as a physician, obstetrician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, hospital, and/or outpatient clinic with your medical diagnosis and treatment, you have a right to expect a professional standard of care. Medical professionals are held to a higher standard based on their experience and specialized training. When negligence by a medical provider causes harm to a patient, the health care provider or entity might be liable for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost income, diminished earning capacity, loss of society/consortium, and other damages based on the specific facts and circumstances. Medical malpractice claims are complicated because malpractice insurers tenaciously resist settlement, so representation from an experienced medical malpractice attorney is important. When injured patients retain Black Law Group, they take comfort in the fact our law firm has been recognized by SuperLawyers for nine consecutive years. Our law firm also has a network of nationally renowned medical experts who we consult with to establish deviations from the appropriate standard of care and the cause of our client's poor medical outcome.

The New Mexico personal injury lawyers at our law firm provide over a century of combined experience persuasively advocating for the legal rights of clients. Call us today at 888-540-9220 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our convenient Albuquerque location serves clients throughout Bernalillo County and the surrounding municipalities, counties, and smaller unincorporated areas.